Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Mark Smith Jr.

And we’re off!
After 2 issues of modern day, I thought it would be fun to kick off issue 3 with a flashback to when the team was still a team. You get to see the team for the first time in costume and throwing around their powers together.
A minor script change. Mark and I went back and forth on tho page almost more than any other in the series. It was mainly trying to establish the scene and the scale. I came up with two establishing inset panels that work really well, enough so that I should have put them in the script! Lesson learned. The second change was a back and forth on what the clones looked like. I don’t know how we settled on Jams Dean, but Mark loved it. He better! He’s got a lot of them to draw over the next few pages.
I also like the irony of the rebel with out a cause on a rebellion for a cause.


Panel 1
Splash page. The Defense Force is in their superhero uniforms fighting a small army of cloned soldiers on the steps of Congress. The soldiers army should look surreal like Magritte's "Golconde", but they can look like anything as long as they are identical. The heroes are at the top of the steps holding the line against the unending wave of mindless attackers. This takes place six months in the past, and HARDCASE is front and center. He’s lifting a tangle of these clones and is going to hurl them down the steps at the rest of the horde. JOLT is sending a single searing arcing bolt down another direction and shocking the hell out of those she hits. The bolt and leaves arc weld marks on the marble steps. NIGHT has bodies stacked around him as he systematically takes them out one by one. SCIMAGE is behind them all of them projecting a force field over the entrance doors to stop any clones that get past the big hitters. FLARE is hurling huge jets of fire on the crowd, and many are burning. The clones, if we see any faces are passive and not reactive.

Six Months ago. Capital steps. Washington D.C.

Hey SciMage, you’re a mad scientist right? You ever wake up one morning and say, “Hmm, I could make a clone army and take over Congress?”

Only when they raise my taxes.

Focus on the terrorists Hardcase! Don’t distract your teammates!

Smells like progress. Forty two. Beat that Jolt.

Fifty six Flare. Too slow gramma.