Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Mark Smith Jr.

Minor changes to the script, nothing drastic, just thought some clarity was needed.

If you bought the Hardcase comics at the Lexington or Dayton conventions, than you might want to start here at the beginning of issue 3.

I wonder who the mom is?


Panel 1
NIGHT is walking up the short pier to the revealed rundown shack. A large NO TRESPASSING sign is hand painted on the side of the shack. It looks abandoned.

Both led the Defense Force at one point. Both retired. One’s a mom now. The other owes me a favor.

Panel 2
The door to the shack is blown off it’s hinges and slams into NIGHT who has braced himself and shielded his face with his forearms. The door is blown off with blue lighting which acts more like a fire hose of energy.


(Off panel, inside the shack)
Cancha read maggot? No trespassin’! Get the hell off mah porch!

Zeus hadn’t lost his edge despite the years. Even through my insulated suit I can feel his kinetic lightning.

Panel 3
NIGHT has his hand on an EMP grenade like he had in New York. He’s off to the side, out of line of sight of the doorway.

It’s me. Night. I want to talk to you.

I don’t care if your Jesus comin’ to apologize for killin’ my faithful. Get out!

We’re friends Zeus. I got you this land. Your new identity.