Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Mark Smith Jr.

I’ll have a limited number of comics at C2E2 because I’ve been selling to well, and didn’t have time to restock. You can always buy print copies using the buttons on the left, but they won’t be signed. Both me AND Mark will be at C2E2, so you can get a rare opportunity to get both of signing a copy.

I won’t make any comments on this page as anything I’d say would be spoilers.


Panel 1
The entire wall next to NIGHT explodes outward from a blast of blue ball lighting, NIGHT is hurled towards the reader.


(Off screen, in shack)
Yah well thanks fer nuthin’.

Panel 2
NIGHT has splashed down into the swamp. Alligators are about and taking notice in the water or climbing into the water. ZEUS is hovering over him. ZEUS is a middle aged Greek with middle age spread in his gut. Years have not been kind to him. Graying unkempt beard. He’s suspended in the air by a field of blue lightning crackling around him. He’s wearing dirty overalls and an old t-shirt, no shoes. He looks deranged.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s always gonna be this way.

If you listen to me, if you help me, your reputation will be CLEANED.

Panel 3
ZEUS’s arms are crossed as he floats in the air.

K. Ya gots a minute. I’m listenin’.