UPDATE [5/4/2012]: Color done and uploaded.
Ok, the cover isn’t finished. That’s my fault. I was working with several different possible artists and when I finally put together a team, it was too short a notice to get the cover completed. It’s not the artists fault, It’s my scheduling. I’ll update this page when the colors are done, but for now you can see the B/W version. The title page will go up friday and the first page of issue 4 will go up next week. The first page is done, and it’s gorgeous and I want to show it to you now… but patience is a virtue right? And this comics is all about being virtuous. Heh.

On the other hand, some good news. Issue 3 is at the printers and will be available for Summit City Comic Con.

Pencils: Brett Wood – Check out his other art and his comic Silver Bullet. http://kongsart.blogspot.com/

Ink: William Grapes – Check out William’s art on Deviantart. http://wjgrapes.deviantart.com/

Colors by Tonin Cezar Jr and Ozzy Longoria of Gemini Comics. http://www.ozzylongoria.com/