Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Matthew Sparks | Colors: Tonin Cezar & Ozzy Longoria

This begins a 6 page arc Drawn by Matthew Sparks and Colored by Tonin and Ozzy of Gemini Studios. It’s the first Hardcase issue that starts off without Hardcase, but trust me, he gets most of the remaining 20 pages. The cover should be a clue where we’re heading.

Hats off to Matthew and Gemini. I love this page. Matthew took a risk in layout style and it paid off. It’s tough for me to write a silent page, but with a page this good, I could write a silent issue.

I chose to lead off with this arc because it’s powerful, and because I didn’t want SciMage swinging in the breeze after last issue. He gets a bit of redemption here in this arc before all heck breaks loose. We also get to learn a bit about Jolt.


Panel 1
SCIMAGE is doing the walk of shame in prison. We see from the side, wrists bound and chained, body covered in a bright orange jumpsuit, head down. He still has head and arm bandages. Guards with weapons walk before and after him. (Guards aren’t important, they can be mostly cropped out). SCIMAGE’s body language is slumped and broken. He knows his world has ended.

Panel 2
The guards seat him at a sterile metal discussion table intended for meeting with family and lawyers. Guards remain around though, so no privacy. We don’t see who’s across the table.

Panel 3
Closeup of guards locking SCIMAGE’s chains to a bar below the table. Table is bolted to the floor.

Panel 4
SCIMAGE looks up, his face showing all his weariness. He’s sad at who he sees. This is the last person he wants to see him this way.

Panel 5
Flip camera to SCIMAGE’s POV and we see JOLT in costume looking shamed, and wishing she weren’t there.

Hi Dad.