Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Mark Smith Jr.

Lots of dialog trimmed on their page, but I don’t think anything is lost story wise.

This is the first moment Night realizes he’s not in control of the situation. Ray has out foxed him, and Zeus is not listening. For a control freak like Night, this going to tear him apart.

I love David’s expression. Pure Pink Floyd the Wall.

From this point on, it’s high octane until the end.


Panel 1
RAY is pacing next to DAVID. DAVID is oblivious.

There was little chance that David had found his way to New York to kill Chloe. But he had the rage and the ability to commit the crime. Maybe someone took him there, and brought him back. I had to ask.

David? Have you been out of your room? Taken a long trip? New friends come to visit?

Panel 2
Back in the office, NIGHT takes off the headphones as he talks to ZEUS.

That’s him. He’s there. I don’t know how he got in, but Hardcase is there. The plan will still work but we have to use caution. Too many civilian lives are at risk now.

Panel 3
NIGHT covers his eyes as flash of blue lightning shines into his eyes as ZEUS rushes off.

No! You fool! This is NOT what we discussed!

Panel 4
The wall to DAVID’s room explodes into the room as ZEUS pounds his way into it with superstrength. ZEUS’s powers are stronger than JOLT’s and they grant him flight and superstrength, but everything he does is accompanied by blue lightning efx. RAY cover’s his face against the incoming debris. DAVID doesn’t react at all.

Hey Ray! How’ve you been killer? Sad to say, but you’re going down kid! Down. Down. Down.