Story: Scott Bachmann | Art & Ink: Mark Smith Jr.

And we cut back to Jolt. Remember her? Plane going down because Zeus fried it while she was sleeping?

I got a little creative with word balloons, and Mark added another panel.


Panel 1
Large establishing shot. Huge crater in heart of St. Louis. Fire’s, destruction, large pieces of plane scattered all over. Huge thick billowing clouds of black smoke. No one could have survived this. An arc of yellow lightning streaks out.

Panel 1
The lightning resolves into JOLT. She’s collapsed on the ground and looks horrible. She escaped, but just barely.

Panel 1
Later. We see a policeman questioning JOLT. JOLT is in tears. JOLT has a breathing mask on, and is on a gurney in an ambulance.

Tell me again what happened. How did you survive when no one else did? What happened on that plane?